K & E Auto Collision is a proud member of the ProFirst Certified Collision Repair Program that certifies we have met the exacting standards of American Honda Motor Cars, and are authorized to perform repairs to all Honda AND Acura models. This certification is awarded in recognition of the commitment and investment made by K & E Auto Collision and the training of their technicians to Honda and Acura standards.

The ProFirst Certified Collision Repair Program was put in place to select only the best auto collision facilities around the country and ensure each member partakes in specialized training they need to help support all repair and care for the complete line of Honda vehicles, including aluminum body and chassis platforms and the new multi-technology platform of aluminum, magnesium and high-strength blended steels.

Honda’s are designed with great care, and we ensure they are some of the safest to drive on the road; however, even with the best care, accidents can happen. A Honda approved body shop such as K & E Auto Collision has experts trained to rebuild all models of Honda vehicles in line with the original specifications for a quality repair every time.

At K & E Auto Collision, we strive to meet the highest standards for all Honda repairs by making sure our technicians undergo thorough training to work with these vehicles and meet the strict OEM specifications. We have completed prescribed collision industry training and exhibited excellence in the collision repair process through verification. We are committed to ensuring our customers the best service every time. We make it easy for you to get the best results from your Honda!

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